So I am writing the obligatory “Hello world!” post. However pointless it may be, I also think it is necessary to introduce the blog, to introduce me, and to try and explain what I hope to achieve with this thing! 

First things first: my name is Elizabeth, and I hail from sunny Adelaide, in South Australia. I am studying law and economics in my second year of university, but my real passion is cooking, and more specifically, baking. It would be my dream to learn how to cook commercially and then open up my very own little patisserie (cliche, I know). But for now I’ll try to be content with this blog, to get me through the next three years of studying something that I find interesting, but not enough of a passion to sustain a lifelong career.

I’m intending to post things that I’ve cooked and foodie places that I’ve visited on this blog. I’ll say from the outset that I don’t take fancy pictures (though I would if I could!) and I probably won’t update this often, or even at all. But I intend on trying, and that’s the main thing.

Until next time! Which will hopefully be soon. 


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