Chocolate Taperia

A series of unfortunate events on Wednesday led to an unplanned outing to the late-night dessert cafe Chocolate Taperia, to satisfy some sweet-tooth cravings.

Now, I’ve been to Chocolate Taperia a few times now, so I knew what to expect (good food!), and this occasion was no different.

Chocolate Taperia specialises in Spanish doughnuts, otherwise known as churros. If you haven’t eaten them before, they sort of look like a cross between a giant potato chip and a cinnamon doughnut. Churros are generally served with something to dip in, whether that be milk, white or dark chocolate, or perhaps a dulce de leche caramel.


We ordered a couple of serves of churros ($9 for 5) with the white and milk chocolate dipping sauces ($2.50 each). While they took a while to arrive, the churros were served piping hot and were incredibly satisfying. Dusted with cinnamon sugar and deep fried to perfection, they proved to be the ideal comfort food. They were substantial without being too dense, and had a similar flavour to a doughnut while not being overly cakey.

I should say, however, that I didn’t find the dipping chocolate to be quite as memorable. The white chocolate sauce had split and curdled slightly in the dish, so it wasn’t all that pleasant to eat, although I am sure the chocolate used was perfectly tasty. And while the milk chocolate sauce didn’t have any visible issues, it probably wasn’t quite sweet or flavoursome enough to complement the churros. This is in contrast to Chocolateria San Churro (review coming!), where I found the churros to be fairly plain but the dipping sauces were spot on.

Despite the slightly average sauces, these are definitely my favourite churros so far. They are excellent value for a dessert place, and also incredibly tasty. I have also enjoyed the mochas, milk and white hot chocolates, and chocolate milkshakes (around $6) on my various visits to Chocolate Taperia, all of which have kept up to a high standard.

IMG_0490                         IMG_0493

I’d say the only fault on the service would be that it was slightly slow given the emptiness of the restaurant, but I also understand that when desserts are cooked fresh to order, things can take a little longer, and I’d much rather have a fresh dessert than super speedy service! The ambience of the cafe is also lovely, and would be a perfect spot for a date or get-together.

Chocolate Taperia
Location: 5/168 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006
Contact: 0403 322 881
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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Taperia

    • If I am totally honest the white chocolate one has been consistently average! Probably not as bad as this occasion but it’s always been slightly split, even though it tastes okay. It’s just not that visually appealing. But I keep coming back because the churros and drinks are really nice!

  1. I am confused…this place is in Australia? you got me excited to check it out but I don’t see me swinging by the “down under” for my after meal sweet craving…

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