As the famous saying went: another day, another burger*.

A four-hour stint at uni meant my friend and I found ourselves at Burgastronomy, one of the many burger joints which have popped up in Adelaide over the past year or so.

Located on the corner of Ward St and O’Connell St in North Adelaide, it was a quick bus trip (or if you’re into that exercising thing, a leisurely stroll) from the CBD.

Having already spent the better part of a law lecture staring at the online menu and choosing our meals, ordering indecision was, for once, not an issue. We both ordered the cheeseburger ($9), with my fellow diner opting to add bacon ($1), and a side of fries ($3).

As there was no line, ordering was nice and quick, and we took up a stool at the bar overlooking the busy O’Connell intersection.

The food came out rather quickly with no other customers waiting in-store. The burgers were presented simply on the plate, and the chips came in a cute little bowl lined with baking paper.

IMG_0475                       IMG_0472

So, the important part – how’d it taste? Our immediate reaction was, as we’d partially expected but not hoped, ‘not as good as Burger Theory’. As I’ve documented quite well here, I’m a huge fan of the truck’s juicy burgers. They just have that particular taste. I don’t know if it’s the patty, the sauce, or maybe just the awesome combination of everything, but I’ve never had a burger quite like it. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn’t keep comparing, but I often can’t help it!

Comparisons aside, it was a pretty solid burger. The meat component was juicy, and the bun was nicely toasted. I just couldn’t help but think it needed a bit more ‘oomf’, maybe in the form of a sauce. I’m sure purists would say this deviates from a traditional cheeseburger, but y’know, traditions are there to be flouted. Similarly, my fellow diner reported that the bacon was a bit flavourless and didn’t add much to the burger overall, and it also needed something more. While this may seem like a negative review, it shouldn’t be, because the burgers were perfectly nice, and probably in the top 3 I’ve eaten in Adelaide. There was just a minor lacking in the flavour department.

The chips, on the other hand, were super yummy, though a little oversalted for my liking (and I love salt!). They had a perfect crunch-to-potato ratio, and came up a nice golden brown. Coupled with the burger it formed the perfect portion size.

I should add that I have eaten one other burger at Burgastronomy (their Signature burger, $11), a few months ago now. Altogether I found this quite a different experience. The burger was bigger, the bun was a bit more substantial, and the addition of lettuce and some form of mayo really added to the flavour. I think this burger distinguished itself, and held up its own much better than the cheeseburger.


Overall I think I’d return to Burgastronomy. I enjoyed the quick service and the food wasn’t overly greasy, which I find common in burger and fast food joints about town. However, I’d probably skip the cheeseburger next time, and go for something a bit more substantial!

Location: 19 O’Connell St, ​North Adelaide, South Australia 5006
​Contact: 8267 1052
Burgastronomy on Urbanspoon

*Note: this is not how the famous saying went.

**Sorry for the average picture quality!

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3 thoughts on “Burgastronomy

  1. I’m so glad you felt the same way! I went to Burgastronomy on the weekend and it was pretty good, but no Burger Theory. I think I’d put Nordburger above it, too. It was REALLY good, though – we have a high standard in this city ;)

    • We do, sometimes I think we are getting too fussy! Hmm, interesting point about Nordburger! I tried it a few weeks ago, and I don’t know if I was a huge fan – I thought it was way too similar to HJs and also too greasy for me! But it was tasty, so you know, it’s all good :)

      • I don’t usually eat meat, but I tried my boyfriend’s Nordburger and my first instinct was that it tasted like a really good Hungry Jack’s burger too!

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